Monte Cook created a whole new game system, and named it numenera. It is known as a cypher system.

For me the cypher system means less number crunching and more gameplay and thats why i favor the system. 
I have always had a hard time calculating dice roll numbers, so electronic dice are great (like or other virtual tabletop systems). However, removing the burden of numbers and making it more storyline driven and added 'test' difficulties is more my way of doing things. Therefore i really like the Cypher System

Will i be running a game?

I had really good experiences with GM Frostchilde (Neal) who has great storytelling and awesome unexpected turns in his games. 
Somehow the party (abruptly) fell apart and the adventure died after 7 years. I will never be able to play a game without measuring it against one run by Frostchilde. (i do not know that many people with 18k+ posts that are not short posts but meaningfull elaborate real storyline posts.) 

Writing a good game works only with friends who are willing to read and reply in a similar fashion. And lets be honest. most people write twitter length stories, about 140 characters max. Great adventures take more. a lot more. I've done a few runs... and failed. I'm not bad at writing, but without responses the game dies rather quickly. (and it is also my fault. not always the players who stay away.) 

I'll be working on a few maps and stuff, but will think twice before running a game or play a pbp game. Players deserve attention and fun when joining up on a PbP. I still hold the domain name and one day i will be running a game.